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Three Dimensions of Purpose - (Part 3)

#3. Meaning

QUOTE: "The difference between the corporation of the future and its present-day counterpart will not be products they make, or the equipment they use, but who will be working, why they will be working, and what work will mean to them." - Robert Hass - Levi Strauss

Definition of Meaning: "Information endowed with purpose and relevance!" John Maxwell

Meaning has to do with challenging the lid of our limitations! We all love a challenge. We all love to find success in life. The truth is people do not get up in the morning hoping to find failure in their day. They want success. They thrive on success. Real success is to found in the meaning we attach to our activities and priorities. When we find genuine meaning in something, we usually label it as success.

For long-term success meaning is that inescapable quality with must be present to sustain continued growth! Any business that is going to consistently be successful and find success must endeavor to discover what is meaningful to the organization and to its people. Businesses that are moving with purpose have a distinct direction and audible authority to their meaning.

Someone once said that meaning not happiness is what life is all about. This could also be said of a business or organization. While things may not always be described as happy, they should be described as meaningful.

What are the most meaningful events in your organization's week? What would your people say are the most meaningful tasks they perform? If asked to describe the true meaning of their work, what would your employee say? What would you say about your work? And, if you are not finding meaning in what you are doing, then why are you doing it?

Life is too short to merely go through the motions and drift along with the tide. While drifting is delightful, it is also dangerous. Perhaps the time has come for you to determine with definition the direction of your life and organization. The decision is yours! Make your decision and get moving! Start today!

QUOTE: "I'm passionate about what I do because most successful is the so-called American Dream. You find meaning and produce your best work when you aren't afraid to take risks, to endure criticism or embarrassment or even failure. Trusting your deepest intuitions and instincts may mean overriding contrary research, peer pressure, conventional wisdom, or intimidation." - Michael Eisner – Disney

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