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Don R. Witzel
Founder and Principal

Don R. Witzel is an independent organizational development coach with over 40 years' experience. He has held key leadership positions in the public and private sectors on a nationwide basis with responsibilities for the development and performance improvement of people and organizations.


Don has extensive training in communications, adult learning, instructional design and building effective quality management systems. 


In addition to the above, Don has experience in managing and leading large, dynamic organizations through complex change and growth.



​We are about helping people be the best people they can be. It has been our observation, that when you facilitate individual improvement in the lives of individuals, you find consistent improvement in all areas of their lives. Better employees, fathers, husbands, etc.

​Some companies with which Don has coached and worked are: BellSouth, Gwinnett Public Schools, AMI Technologies, EMS Technologies, CIBA Vision, Rooms To Go, Johnson & Johnson, Verizon Telecommunications, Volt Information Sciences, and Marriott Hotel Properties. These are only a few of our present and former clients.

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