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Antidote for a Drifting Business!

QUOTE: Without a sense of alignment behind a purpose, the organization will be in trouble, because the opposite of having purpose is to drift aimlessly. - DRW

People need meaningful purpose. That is why we live! Today there are thousands of business leaders who are missing a purpose for living. When we lack purpose in our lives, the days turn into weeks and the weeks into months and months into years. Often people awaken one day to find they are adrift in a sea of gray - without color or meaning.

However, with shared purpose, we can achieve anything. People really do need people! None of us are able to do it all. And none of us are able to always be right. We need the perspective and expertise of others. These are certainly not the days to be trying to lead a business alone.

Every leader making a difference has a strongly defined purpose that involves others and utilizes the talents and abilities of people in-the-know.

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