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Leadership Academy

The Leadership Academy is a twelve (12) to eighteen (18) month program that meets once a month. Organizations choose their topics and D.R. WITZEL designs and delivers the curriculum according to the desired learning objectives.

The Leadership Academy is interactive for participants. It encourages both individual, table team, and class-wide participation.

D.R. WITZEL is currently conducting three (3) Leadership Academies for clients with great results. Over the last 20 years, we have found the Leadership Academy to be an effective tool for organizations to use in the development of the people and processes.

Expectations: Stepping Stone or Stumbling Block

Setting expectations is one of the fundamentals of leadership; yet, many leaders fail to do this very important step effectively.

Setting expectations first requires planning. The more time you invest on the front end, the more effective your team will be when it is in operations mode.


The second component of setting expectations requires communication skills. People cannot read your mind, so to get your team on the same page as you, you must communicate your expectations clearly, in a way they can be heard, and often several times before they become internalized by others. Unless you are experienced and well-practiced, these actions may seem counter-intuitive at first. But they work.

Coaching for Performance Improvement

Coaching employee performance is the single greatest challenge facing supervisors and other leaders in today's competitive and fast-paced organizations. Learn how to maximize the contributions of each employee by setting effective goals, monitoring accomplishments, recognizing achievements, and disciplining or redirecting those who are not meeting performance requirements.

This course is a must for anyone with the responsibility of managing and improving the performance of others.

Note: These are only a few of the hundreds of training/coaching courses D.R. WITZEL has designed and delivered to our clients over the last 20 years. Our delight is found in designing coaching that both meets and exceeds the expectations of our clients. We welcome the opportunity to be of service to you.

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